The Voquev – A playable race of color changing aberrations!

The asteroid your ancestors rid in on has long since exploded, but you and your people still carry a magic within. Your very “words” are forces of mystic devices, you are – Voquev.

Heyo! I’m FunkyDM, new to this scene entirely, and I’m making things that are a little outside of the box!

The Voquev arrived on an asteroid/comet long ago and carry magical force energy within their very being which they use to speak to each other – or at least THESE Voquev did, I don’t know your character. Feel free to flavor what their magic biology represents in your worlds, bottom line, they get Shield and Eldritch Blast naturally. That’s pretty cool, bro.

They have a specifically alien history and an odd culture, but I think that every story is worth telling, and if you give them a whirl, you’ll find that they do too 🙂

This race has been peer reviewed and has a lot of passion behind it! Hope you enjoy playing these translucent storytellers! Hmu with any questions! 

This product is priced at $1.50


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