Crypts and catacombs battlemaps

Skeletons galore, all shapes and sizes for necromancers, or just those interested in visiting the final resting place of various creatures but lets be real its the necromancers dream.
3 separate battlemaps each with secret locations.
1) organized catacombs 57×57 – final resting place for large town or settlement. different crypts for four different wealth levels and a “soul well” at the center for those no one remembers any more or those who no one knew at all. Two variations for secret down the well.
2) mazelike catacombs 51×51 – resting place for glorious warriors (lets hope they wont wake up to protect the secrets). Two secret areas – central chamber for unknown ritual purposes (lets be real its just necromancy or raising demons) and separate chambers for four unique warriors.
3) small secret crypt 25×25 – final resting place for giant warrior. Perfect for puzzles, or just good old fight through skeletons to get to treasure.

All maps are available in furnished/ unfurnished, lit and unlit, gridded and ungridded variations.

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Organized catacombs


Organized catacombs secret locations


Mazelike catacombs


Small secret catacombs


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