Cyberpunk Side Adventure: Flawed Merchandise

Cyberpunk Side Adventure: Flawed Merchandise

A mini side adventure for your cyberpunk themed rpg game! This system generic product features a 1 page location that functions as a drop in side mission. The Game Master (GM) is welcome to modify or add details to this product as they see fit.

Background: A whole lot of nasty crap has been flooding the streets of the city lately. People have been getting permanent nerve damage from faulty unregulated neural processors and others are having hallucinations and other adverse reactions from a new supply of synthetic cocaine. Back alley cyber clinics are getting raided after agreeing to install the faulty cyberware and the “more respectable” fixers on the streets are afraid that they will be targeted by law enforcement heavies next. There’s a lot of talk these days and a good deal of that talk is about how the streets can get back to their normal tolerable levels of crime and chaos. The solution? Get rid of some flawed merchandise and take down the person responsible for it.

Enter Tony “Rotter” Callis.

Rotter is a well known local scumbag who has managed to grow his business through profitable street deals throughout the years. A few years back Rotter got into importing and selling of cheap merchandise. This legit approach is little more than a front that allows him to continue dealing in more lucrative (and very illegal) dealings. His latest contraband hustles have included pushing synthetic cocaine that he gets from an outside supplier (Dexter Midnight) and the selling of imported Amaka-Orion brand cyberware (notably neural boosters known to cause nerve damage). Rotter runs his legit and illegal business ventures out of two side by side businesses. The main one is East Path Imports (an importing company located in the larger map building) and the second is Trinkets & Gifts (street vendor shop located below the main building).

Adventure Lead In: There’s a whole lot of local people who want Rotter dead and his supplies of cyberware and synthetic cocaine destroyed. The characters are just as likely to be hired by a back alley clinic or a notorious drug dealer as they are the proper authorities. With the right connections a particularly savvy group might even be able to cash in more than one payoff to do the job! Just be careful though… Rotter has made enough profits to hire more than a few goons.

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