DMDave Adventure Library

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The adventures are organized by their creator. Older adventures may not be included in this library and will appear in the Graveyard.

Adventures have 3 lengths noted in their description:

  • One-shot. This adventure covers a single session of play.
  • Short Adventure. This adventure covers 2-3 sessions of play.
  • Medium Adventure. This adventure covers 4-6 sessions of play.
  • Long Adventure. This adventure covers 7-12 sessions of play.
  • Campaign Adventure. This adventure covers 12+ sessions of play.

Each adventure comes with a FREE version. Gold tier patrons and above get access to the adventure map packs which include the PDF, any relevant handouts, and, of course, the DM and Player versions of the maps. Click the links for the relevant tier rewards.

Most of our adventures are available as Roll20 modules, too. We’ve included the links for those modules. Also, most of the adventures appear in printed form in BroadSword Monthly, the physical publication that Gold tier and higher patrons receive. For your convenience, we’ve included the relevant link to the issue in which it appears.

The DM Tool Chest

Short Adventures

  • The Rising Tempest (8th-level)
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