March: Paladins of The Silver Lion + Welcome Pack

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Here is the March release `The Paladins of the Silver Lion´

15 PRE SUPPORTED miniatures  that comes in both 32mm war gaming scale and 75mm collectors scale. 9 Paladins and 6 miniatures from the Welcome pack.

Including custom bases, pre-supported chitubox files, STL’s obj and renders

The files will be added through your MyMiniFactory account once a subscriber.


Holy knights, Guardians of the Eternal Nucleus, Protectors of the Sacred  Flame or, as most commoners know them, Les Paladins du Lion d’Argent –  The Paladins of the Silver Lion. For eons a vast majority of the more  structured, civilized creatures of the world – men as well as others –  have felt the need for a magic wielding warrior class to call upon when  times are dire. And dire they are.. So in all their steely silver glory,  The Paladins of the Silver Lion, by diamond hoved steed or stone boned  foot, stride forth to secure the future – and the past! – for  generations to come.

The Paladins of The Silver Lion

Mattias du Lion Tuant

Marie du Lion d’Argent

Le Chevalier Florian de l’Ancienne Bataille

Isabelle Du Lion d’Argent

Grande Prêtresse Salomé du Lion d’Argent

Grand Prêtre Ferdinand du Lion d’Argent

Erasmus du Tranchant

Colonel Thierry du Lion d’Argent

Chlodvig du Marteau Lourd

Welcome Pack

Myneer Augolf da Tredzle-Mounted on Grackus

Roop da Tredzle

Kigan Krust

Imar Hakka – The Dwarfs of The Dark Deep

Lokomotiv Zwingli

Zweitung Blutnagel

I Hope you like them! 🙂

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