Waterdeep Revisited: A-5 Drown the ‘Deep

Welcome back to Waterdeep!

Waterdeep Revisited is a series of five related products for the Dungeon Master’s Guild — each one supports game play around a single theme.

A-5 Drown the ’Deep.  Pirates casting elemental magic plan to destroy the City of Splendors in a tidal wave in Unleash the Leviathan! This product provides a series of adventure outlines for an entire campaign. Stealthy adventurers infiltrate Stash Island and then puzzle out a series of clues and mysteries to locate the Bowl of the Rising Tide.

Here are the first  four products that were released:

A-1 Luskan Gambit, an adventure for first-level characters. Yes, it features pirates!

Have the players at your table buckle their swashes and go in armed to the teeth. Prepare for some thrilling moments, including a high-speed carriage chase through the City of Splendors.

A-2 Patrons of Prestige. New patrons for new players. Adventurers can expect sponsorship offers to come from many quarters, but maybe, the best patrons are those who are just starting out too.

A-3 Whitecap Shark and other sea terrors. New monsters to add a nautical flavor to your games. Make way for Tidepool Goblins, Shipwreck Guardians, the elemental Wavespawn and, of course, the product’s namesake, the Whitecap Shark.

A-4 Frisky Dolphin. Batten down the hatches and prepare to set sail. The crew of this pirate ship follows a captain who claims to be divinely inspired by the storm god Talos.

About the author: 

Troy E. Taylor has been writing and editing for roleplaying games since 2005. His publishing credits include Dragon magazine, Kobold Press and Engine Publishing. Since 2008 he has been a regular contributor to the multi-Ennie winning GM advice site, Gnome Stew.

As a cartographer on DM’s Guild, he has produced Beneath Blackthorn Keep Map Compilation, contributed to the Maps for Your Adventures Set 4 and created maps for his own published adventures. He also provided cartography for Issues 20, 21 and 22 of Sub Rosa: The Ars Magica Fanzine.

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