Beyond the Horizon: Oracle

Embark on your epic solo journey and create your own destiny!

Beyond the Horizon: Oracle is a solo adventure for a level 3 character. No Dungeon Master needed.

A mysterious voice leads you to a rocky island to look for someone. You are not sure what you are expected to do but, when lightning
strikes three times from a clear sky, you know that the gods are heavily involved in whatever is happening on the island.

Will you do please the gods or will you defy them? Will you stand up for what you believe is right, even if it could anger the gods?
Whatever you do, choose wisely – your actions will determine what happens at the end of this adventure and in the following chapters!

  • Set in Theros, but you only need the Player’s Handbook or the Basic Rules to play.
  • More than 150 narrative entries over 60+ pages for 2 to 3 hours of play.
  • Six hand-drawn battle maps.
  • Play Oracle as a stand-alone adventure, or as the beginning of the epic Beyond the Horizon series.


This product is priced at $3.95


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