Circle of Storms Druid

Druids within the Circle of Storms draw wisdom from the forces of nature. Recognizing that the change of weather is inevitable, these druids choose to embrace the power of the storm and bend it to their will. They can use this raw stormbending power to punish their foes through its wrath, while also protecting allies who might be vulnerable to its effects.

This is a homebrew subclass for the DND 5e Druid class. Subclass features include:

  • Bonus Cantrip (Level 2)
  • Circle Spells (Level 2)
  • Storm Form (Level 2) – A powerful Wild Shape alternative that allows you to embrace the power of the storm to deal additional damage and control the battlefield!
  • Wrath of Nature (Level 6) – Harness nature’s wrath to buff your AoE storm abilities.
  • Tempest Form – Buff your Storm Form to gain additional protection, concentration, or mobility benefits depending on your choice.
  • Elemental Control – Protect your allies from elemental damage and buff your own attacks.

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