Explorers is a supplement for Cepheus Engine and for the gritty HOSTILE science fiction setting.

It provides all of the tools the explorer needs to tackle dangers and exotic encounters on remote worlds. Included within the book is a fully detailed survey ship, the USCS Castle Bravo; an in-depth look at both the Tharsis Armadillo All-Terrain Vehicle as well as the explorer’s habitat of choice: the Leyland-Okuda modular base series. The space suits of the HOSTILE universe are also featured, with a set of customisable options.

Finally, survey and exploration procedures are explained with advice and rules provided which will allow the referee to create a tense, unpredictable and (hopefully!) dangerous survey mission. These come with 36 uninhabited world descriptions for use in your game. 

  • Deckplan for the ATV
  • Deckplan for 9 modular base variants
  • Deckplan for the 300-ton survey ship, Castle Bravo
  • The state of exploration today
  • How to game a planetary expedition
  • 36 world descriptions for exploration use
  • Hex charts for your use
  • Vacc suits in depth, with 3 full colour full page adverts

This product is priced at $6.99


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