Mood-Emotion Generator 3

This product is similar to the other generator products showing 144 moods or emotions. It is intended to either work with the first Mood-Emotion Generator (the individual tool or found in Character Mechanisms or Story Mechanisms), Mood-Emotion Generator 2, Character Generator, Motivation Generator, Plot Generator, or Theme Generator. Or it may be used alone to add mood or emotion details to characters for gaming or writing stories.

‘collaborative‘, ‘insincere’, ‘sprightly’…

Categories of emotions or moods are shown in this tool are the following:

liveliness, lifelessness, reactivity, passiveness, selfishness, collaboration, honesty, deceit, envy & jealousy, stress & tension, dishonor, and honor.

Categories and words resulting from this tool are different than the first Mood-Emotion Generator (which focused on 12 categories of emotions or mood: joy, expectation, sadness, confusion, anger, courage, caring, fear, guilty, strong, hurt, and weak).

Categories and words resulting from this tool are different than the Mood-Emotion Generator 2 (which focused on 12 categories of emotions or mood: emotional distance, emotional connection, dislike, gratitude, ingratitude, belonging, peace, chaotic, humor, serious, introspection, and observation.)

3 pages: It’s first page is the image shown on the cover picture. The second page is the instructions and example. The third page is the chart turned longways.

Although optimised for 1d12, this chart has results for 1D12, 1D20, 3D6, and 1d100 systems included. It makes it a versatile mood and emotion generator.

This system is meant to give keywords, that when put together help to generate a mood or emotion for characters or a story/gaming session. The keywords are meant to help trigger thoughtful and inspirational ideas.

This system works well for adding random ideas into story writing, solo gaming, or to aid a GM in creating mood and emotions within a story or character that have purpose. 

1e RPG Tools Not Currently in a Mechanisms volume

Tool Title Cover Image
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Mechanism Series & Bundles

Mechanism Series
Core Sets
Solo RPG Tools 2-pack [BUNDLE] RPG Tools: Story & Character [BUNDLE] Mechanism Series:Character, Story, and Setting - 4 pack [BUNDLE] Mechanism Series: Characters, Story, Setting, Violence [BUNDLE] RPG Tools: Character, Setting, Story, Words, & Violence [BUNDLE] Solo Tools: Character, Setting, Story, Words, & Combat [BUNDLE]

Buy the 8-core set (with Essential Tools, character, setting, story, dialogue, and combat tools) Solo-Tools-Character-Setting-Story-Words–Combat-BUNDLE

Buy the 7-core set (with the Grammar Fuel Parts of Speech, Phrases, & Idioms) with Violence Solo & RPG Tools: Character, Setting, Story, Words, & Violence [Bundle]

Buy the 5-core set (with the Remnant RPG Tools = Descriptive Violence & Blood) in the Mechanism Series: Characters, Story, Setting, Violence [BUNDLE]

Buy the 4-core set only (Character 1 & 2, Story, and Setting) in the Mechanism Series:Character, Story, and Environmental Setting – 4 pack [BUNDLE]

Buy the 3-core set only (Character 1 & 2 and Story) in the RPG Tools: Story & Character [BUNDLE]

Buy the 2-core set only (Character 1 and Story Mechanisms) in the Solo RPG Tools 2-pack [BUNDLE]

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Title, Cover, & link Essential SoRoPlay GamTools Character Mechanisms Character Mechanisms II Story Mechanisms

Environmental Mechanisms

Remnant RPG Tools, All-in-One
Description Essential SoRoPlay GamTools Character creation, dialogue
& behavior
Character attributes, traits
thinking, relations, & reactions
Story plot, theme, mood, foe,
and twist. Flash (fiction) RPG
Setting tools for outdoor, indoor,
& animals
Descriptive violent and blood combat system; skills; otherworld beings
The Mechanisms volume books includes the following and even * titles
  1. ABS Solo Game Engine
    2. Character Generator
    3. Motivation Generator
    4. Relationship, Mood, Emotion, & Encounter Gen
    5. Essential Gamestory Adventures
    6. Essential Adventure Seed Engine
    7.Conflict (Plot) Generator
    8. Fact Generator
    9. Item Description Generator
    10. Indoor and Outdoor Gen
  1. Relationship Generator
  2. Character Behavior Engine
  3. Dialogue Engine
  4. Motivation Generator
  5. Mood-Emotion Generator
  6. Body Language Generator
  7. Character Generator
  8. Fact Generator – with an additional page full chart
  9. Modifier Generator
  10. Human Generator
  11. Character Communicator
  12. Knowledge Generator
  13. Career Generator
  14. Dream Generator
  15. Sound Generator
  16. also includes a combined engine
  1. New Mechanism Master Screen (GM screen)
  2. Character Reaction Engine
  3. Emotional Reaction Generator
  4. Character Thinking Engine
  5. Thinking Generator
  6. Character Flaws
  7. Character Relationship Engine
  8. Social & Emotional Trait Generator
  9. Physical Trait Generator
  1. Three Conflict Chain RPG
  2. Deep Dive Engine
  3. Scene Action Generator
  4. Transition Generator
  5. Solo Game Engine
  6. Flash RPG
  7. Plot Generator
  8. Twist Generator
  9. Theme Generator
  10. Foe Generator
  11. Motivation Generator
  12. Mood-Emotion Generator
  13. Modifier Generator
  1. Fact Generator 1e
  2. Minimalist Fantasy Worlds
  3. Color Generator & Wheel
  4. Sound Generator
  5. Minimalist Descriptive Coniferous Forest
  6. Minimalist Descriptive Deciduous Forest
  7. Minimalist Descriptive Rainforest
  8. Minimalist Descriptive Grassland & Shrubland
  9. Minimalist Descriptive Mountains
  10. Minimalist Descriptive Cave
  11. Minimalist Descriptive Wetlands
  12. Minimalist Descriptive Desert
  13. Minimalist Descriptive Tundra
  14. Minimalist Force of Nature: Ground
  15. Minimalist Force of Nature: Air & Heat
  16. Wing Generator
  17. *Description Generator 1e, via Setting All-in-One
  18. *Outdoor Setting Generator, via Setting All-in-One
  19. *Indoor Setting Generator, via Setting All-in-One
  20. *Animal Generator, via Setting All-in-One
  1. 1d12 Descriptive Combat System (based on the Complete Minimalist Descriptive Combat)
  2. Slicing Critical
  3. Crushing Critical
  4. Piercing Critical
  5. Minimalist Descriptive Skills
  6. Minimalist Elemental Effects
  7. Minimalist: Fear, Disgust, & Madness
  8. Minimalist: Ghosts, Angels, & Demons

Precursors, Mergings, and Assembler bundle
The Assembler bundle contains the individual tools, mergings, and precursors separately and the plus Mechanisms book for a little bit more. A merging combines tools to be used in a assembler bundle.
A precursor is a group of basic separate tools found in one
or more mechanism books.

Buying a Mechanism book and ignore the other types of bundles includes all the tools listed numerically on a Mechanism book product page.

Precursor: Solo RPG Tools bundle or Precursor: Basic Solo RPG Gaming & Writing Tools bundle

Precursor formerly: portions of NPC (AI) Behavior, Dialogue, & Reactions

Precursor: Essential SoRoPlay GamTools Parts, or Precursor: Basic Solo RPG Gaming & Writing Tools bundle

Precursor: Basic Solo RPG Gaming & Writing Tools bundle

Precursor merging: Setting All-in-One bundle
Which were used in the main assembler bundle:
Environmental Setting Tools bundle

Story Mechanisms

Story Mechanisms

This story mechanism book has tools to help create story plots, twists, theme, mood, motive, foe, story seed, scene action, transition scenes, narrative, and work with the main conflicts.

Character Mechanisms

Character Mechanisms

This character mechanism book has tools to help create characters, character behavior, dialogue topics, voice qualities, character motivation, character sensory data, emotions, body language, human physical descriptions, character knowledge, careers, subconscious dreams & interpretation, and circles of relationships.

Character Mechanisms II

Character Mechanisms II

This character mechanism II book has tools to help create descriptive character traits, flaws, thoughts, reactions, and relationships. Includes a section called Mechanisms Master Screen – 6 page GM Screen covering important action & reaction scene tool information from both Character Mechanisms books and helping to connect the tools to the Story Mechanisms at a scene level.

Environmental Mechanisms

Environmental Mechanisms

This environmental mechanism book has tools to help create brief descriptive mostly outdoor setting, weather, terrain, natural disasters, Earth-like animals, and even fantasy worlds. The focus of the tools are to create description in brief-but-unique sentence descriptions made with keywords. Each of the tools focuses on using specific biome, terrain, type of environmental event, sensory experience, or life type keywords or details.

Remnant RPG Tools, All-in-One

Remnant RPG Tools, All-in-One

This remnant RPG tools book has tools to help have more descriptive violent combat. One strike kills and limb severence are possible with this tool. Because of this, this book is for more mature gamers at least teen age, because of the violence or gore. This also brings together a revised and slightly expanded combat system from the minimalist system, three descriptive combat critical tables, minimalist skills, minimalist elemental effects, minimalist: fear, disgust, & madness, and minimalist: ghosts, angels, & demons.

Essential SoRoPlay GamTools

Essential SoRoPlay GamTools is a collection of tools, refered to as functions, that help you to play a solo game using polyhedral dice. It works by generating either answers to questions, step-by-step, or keyword prompts for interpretation.

It also includes an adventure seed engine is included in this verison as a companion tool to be used with this book to create random story conflict, foe, theme, motivation, and twists.

This book replaces and adds several of the minimalist tools with 1e tools to make a more powerful system with six of the more popular essential tools. ABS Solo Game Engine, ABS Fact Generator, Motivation Generator, Description Generator, Plot Generator, and Character Generator all in a newer simplified d12 and d100 grayscale style for the 144 result generators.

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