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I have created this post to keep all the rewards and their XP Value all in one place.

How do I know how much XP I have?

  • You can click on the link and see if you have access (Make sure you log in at with your Patreon account first else it will be unable to see what products you have access to and deny you access)
  • or… simply multiply what XP you are rewarded each month by the number of months that you have supported me. 

Here is a Tier of support XP Chart:

XP Chart: You Gain XP when your membership is charged. 

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Christmas Goblin 2020 Digital Download (LoRez):
Art Card – Digital (LoRez) Korik The Halfling:

CORE RPG Players Reference Sheet (PDF): 

Tokens: Xmas 2019 Pack (Digital):

Tokens – StarGuard Pack (Digital):
CORE Tokens: Orcs (Digital)Download:
CORE Tokens: Goblin (Digital) Download:

Encounter Card (Digital): – Indian Brave:

CORE RPG – PDF Download:

Starfall Poster Map Download (LoRez):

CORE Rules Deck (Digital) – Bonus Cards (HiRez): 

Kapaxian Marine Encounter Card (Digital) (LoRez):
CORE Rules Deck – [NRG] Card (Digital) (LoRez):
Karpaxian Marine Tokens (Digital): 

ArtCards – Digital (LoRez) The Crew of the Angelica Star (x7):

Tokens (Digital) CORE RPG Fantasy Pack 1:

GMD Online Support Wrist Band:

StarGuard The Vanishing Issue #1 PDF:

CORE RPG Rules Deck (Digital) – Blank Encounter Card: 

2-D Mini (Digital)- Milos:
2-D Mini (Digital)- Rosinda De Sylva:
CORE RPG Combat Guide PDF:

CORE RPG Rules Deck – (Digital) Momentum Card: 

CORE RPG Rules Deck – (Digital) Hindrance Cards: 

Encounter Card (Digital) (LoRez) – Pale Rider: 

Battle Map (VTT-Digital) – Prarie: 

2-D Mini’s (Digital) – Centaurs:

Centaur Art Cards Download (Digital) (LoRez):

Centaur Profile Pics Download (Digital):

Centaur Tokens Download (Digital):

Battle Maps (VTT) (Digital):

Adversaries, Allies & Encounters Guide PDF (WIP):

ART: Spartoi (Digital): 

Tokens: Wolf & Lion JAN 2021 (Digital) Pack: 

Encounter Card (Digital)- Radioactive Mutate: 

Token: Radioactive Mutate: 


Centaur Pre-Generated Characters PDF:

CORE RPG Specialisation Guide (PDF): 

Art Card Digital Download (Digital) (LoRez): Gudmund :

Art Card Digital Download (Digital) (LoRez): Vincent Holyfire:

Art Card Digital Download (Digital) (LoRez): Ray:


Sarah’s Birthday Pack – Ambush at Kallidian Canyon PDF:
CORE World – LoR PDF (WIP):
CORE World – Starfall PDF (WIP):

Token (Digital) – Halloween Pack 2019:

Vehicles & Mount’s Guide PDF (WIP):

Tokens (Digital)- Undead Pack:

Art Cards (Digital – LoRez) Chung Li & Ling Chao:

Tokens (Digital)- Barbarian Pack: 

Art Cards (Digital)- Barbarian Pack: 

Bounty Hunter Pack (Digital):

Christmas Goblin 2020 Digital Download(Digital) (HiRez):
Centaur Art Cards Download (Digital) (HiRez):
Kapaxiamn Marine Encounter Card(Digital) (HiRez):
CORE Rules Deck – [NRG] Card (Digital) (HiRez):
Battle Maps (Printable):
Starfall Poster Map Download (Digital) (HiRez):

ArtCard Digital (HiRez): Korik The Halfling:

ArtCard Digital (LoRez): Agora – by Joseph Knight:

Hi-Rez Encounter Card (Digital) – Indian Brave:

StarGuard Issue#1 The Vanishing Print Copy: 

Art Card (Digital) (LoRez) by Joseph Knight – Kingdom of Rhana: 

Art Card (Digital) (LoRez) – Jet: 

Encounter Card (Digital) (HiRez): 

Art – Digital (LoRez) Oracle : 

Art Card – Gudmund Digital Download (Digital) (HiRez):
Art Card – Ray Digital Download (Digital) (HiRez):
Art Card – Vincent Holyfire Digital Download (Digital) (HiRez):

Art Cards (Digital – HiRez) Chung Li & Ling Chao:

Art Cards (Digital) (HiRez) – Barbarian Pack: 

Digital Art – Barbarian Art: 

Battle Map – A Bloody Encounter 3’x2′ Print File:
Battle Map – Ruins Camp 3’x2′ Print File: 

Art Cards Digital Download (HiRez) – Bounty Hunters Pack:

ArtCards – Digital (HiRez) Crew of the Angelica Star (x7):

Art – Digital (LoRez) Selless Love: 

Art – Digital (LoRez) Truth: /

ArtCard Digital (HiRez): Agora – by Joseph Knight:

Art Card (Digital) (HiRez) by Joseph Knight – Kingdom of Rhana: 

Art Card (HiRez) – Jet: 


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