Prisoners’ Dilemma

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Ruined Relic Games presents:

PrisonersDilemma: Inspired by the true life Dyatlov Pass Incident

Strange events are afoot in 1920s Russia. The investigators, all prisoners of the Russian State, have been press-ganged into service in the barren, frozen wilderness of central Russia. As members of the investigators’ traveling party are exposed to the machinations of an original Mythos terror, the prisoners will quickly run out of allies as it becomes less and less clear who they can trust, and who–if anyone–might be working for the supernatural forces that hound them.

Presenting a survival horror tone and heavy doses of cosmicism, PrisonersDilemma is a slow burn scenario intended for an experienced Keeper and 3 to 6 players. This 55-page module offers a linear plot tinged with heavy degrees of distrust and suspicion, including elements that might lead players to distrust one another. It comes ready to play with 6 pre-generated investigators.

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