DC-PoA-CBB-03 : The Menagerie of Count Zapharry

The party has been hired as caravan guards by Bob Hogcollar “The Pet King”. He is a wealthy merchant, and owner of “Hogcollar’s Luxury Pet Supply”. While making their way through a mountain pass, the caravan is caught in an avalanche. caused by the sinister Count Zapharry, who seeks retribution against Bob Hogcollar.

A 4-hour tier 2 Dungeoncraft (AL) adventure for 5-10 level characters. Part of the Dungeoncraft Plague of Ancients campaign for Adventures League, Season 10. Based on the “This Seems Familiar” Adventure Seed. Optimized for a group of 5 players with an APL of 8.

Includes image flies of the maps for VTT programs.

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