Broadsword: Quest Book: "Goblins in the Deep"


Broadsword is an epic fantasy adventure game that seamlessly brings together elements from classic board games with elements from tabletop roleplaying games to result in something truly extraordinary — not quite a full RPG, but much more than a simple board game.

Quest Book, “Goblins in the Deep” – Delve into a goblin-infested cavern to find the cache of gold the goblins have been stealing from the quaint town of Deerwick. Expand your adventuring arsenal with the introduction of Body and Mind Checks. Improve your gaming immersion with a unique handout. And enjoy lots of verticality in this single Quest that spans across six different maps!

NOTE: The ZIP file contains a PDF of the Quest Book, overlay images, and even player handouts that are all VTT-ready for your games!

Made using all 6 maps from the Goblinstair Cavern tileset from Heroic Maps, including overlays for broken bridges.

Goblinstair Cavern