Burning Hearts Forever

We are those blessed with Hearts. Our Hearts, with a capital H, are tools we wield to change fate, to do the impossible, and to make the world our own. And our hearts, with a lowercase h, our metaphorical hearts, our beating hearts, our hearts that reflect our emotions. They’re not the same, but they are linked.

Our Hearts are many things. They are the legendary weapons we vanquish evil with, the giant mechs that fly us to the stars, the hidden powers we’ve found within ourselves, the shining charms let us become magical girls, the roaring engines propelling us across the country side, and so much more.

Burning Hearts Forever is a tabletop RPG for creating stories in a wide array of different scenarios, each with a different definition of what a Heart is. The game focuses on the interpersonal relations between characters and has an overall light tone.

This project is still under development so a few things in the doc might be a bit crude. Please feel free to send me feedback of typos or things that were unclear and if you play this game I would love hear about your experience with it.

This product is priced at $1.00


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