Follow me the good ones!

Have you ever thought about playing an RPG where you are a hero of a comedy story with supernatural elements, like Alcatraz against evil librarians or even That’s so Raven? Then your search is over, because you just found Follow me the Good Ones!

Follow me the good ones! is a comedy RPG, where players will be heroes with powers that they can’t always control and with a goal that makes them end up helping others. All you need to play is this book, a place to take notes, a 12-sided die and at least one 4-sided die (but we recommend two 4-sided dice.).

The mechanics of this game are simple, distributed among the 8 pages of this PDF, so that in a matter of minutes your group can start playing! But remember, the most important rule is that everyone has fun!

So gather your dice, choose your powers, come up with a catchphrase and go out together for a fun Follow Me the Good ones! session!

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