400 Generic Fantasy Characters


Sometimes you have to create a character “on the fly”. Whether it’s an NPC that your players are about to meet or a random grunt, this book will help you create scenarios, all you need is a spark of lightning to stimulate your imagination.

This companion volume contains 400 generic characters suitable for any fantasy backgrounds. Each entry includes:

  • a name
  • a race
  • a character trait
  • an occupation
  • an object that the character can own


Simply roll 1d1000 and find out the associated character. If you want a character of a particular race, refer to the corresponding page and roll 1d100.


400 Generic Fantasy Characters contains:

  • 100 humans
  • 25 tieflings
  • 50 dwarves
  • 50 elves
  • 50 gnomes
  • 50 halflings
  • 25 half-orcs
  • 25 aasimars
  • 25 dragonborns


Example of outcome :

43-45 (15) ZONRIESTIES BLACKWOOD (human, male) – beleaguered runesmith’s apprentice (bronze shield, cursed with light)

685-686 (35-36) ERXIM CHROMETINKER (gnome, male) – enraged mercenary (potion of animal influence)

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