Dwarven Kingdom Starter

Included in this set of 3d printable terrain you will find 19 .STL models for creating dwarven dungeons. This tile set features walls, doors, corners, and corner pillars needed to make rooms of any size that connect to each other with Dragonbite clips.

This set has 3 styles of terrain:

Resized Legacy tiles match our original sculpts, but as the name suggests they are all slightly resized to match other dragonbite compatible Dwarven sets. We also added peg slots to the tops of the walls for easier stacking with all the other standard dragonbite models.

Old Forged is the rework that Marc and Will have done to Jake’s original files, but with many changes for quality. In addition to being sized to match and slotted for peg stacking, these are “squared” the edges to make them seamless with other standard dragonbite models.

High Rock is the latest design, brand new sculpts for all models. These models are designed for fast printing and feature the stylistic angles of Tolkein’s classic Dwarven city of Erebor. These models are also “square” to other standard dragonbite models with peg slots for stacking.

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