FREE MINI – Dwarven Mando form ONE GOLD PIECE

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The Team
We’re the people behind Westfalia Miniatures and Wyrmforge, and we’re all about top-shelf quality and good gaming.

Why $1?
We just love receiving big bundles of STLs and awesome 3D miniatures, but we’ve also found it hard to keep up with everything. So, rather than challenging the gods in the sky, we’ve decided to make monthly releases, that each come with a handful of quality minis and terrain that one can – at least in theory – print, prep and paint within a month. So here we are with a monthly bundle of joy for just ‘One Gold Piece’!

Terms and Conditions
The files you receive are for personal use only. They’re not to be shared or sold. That’s it.

Regards One Gold Piece Team 🙂

Files here on SYNC:

folder: BONUS – Dwarf Mando from One Gold Piece


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