The Disappearance of Hildred Masten

The Disappearance of Hildred Masten has your group of characters investigate the strange disappearance of a missing nobleman. Along the way, the characters will uncover a sinister cult, a powerful ancient god of untold power, and a cursed play. Inspired by a short story within the King in Yellow horror anthology, this adventure is meant to add bonus levels of mystery and horror to your campaign.

For a group of level one characters, this 2 to 3-hour adventure is meant to be completely setting neutral. It can be easily placed in any city within your campaign world.

In addition, this adventure also contains a set of Marks of Dread, thematic rules that operate similarly to the optional Madness rule for 5e. Each Mark of Dread contains a negative effect that can be given to any character who reads the King in Yellow.

This product is priced at $1.99


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