Underground Warehouse and Ritual Fantasy Battle Map

Shadowed hands wave across the surface of the river as the runes begin to illuminate. Infront of the scarred summoner rests the remains of the ancient riverlord. The dark blue skin begins to consum the flowing water growing into skin, the light from the runes catches in the forming eyes, and finally the water wraps around the figure droplets frozen in air.

“Master.” The summoner utters.

A gargling and drowning voice whispers back, “It is time to reclaim that which is ours child.” 

Summoning the River Spirit is a fantasy style Table Top RPG battlemap perfect for Virtual Table Top systems or to be printed and used during your next game. The scene takes place in the unfinished basement of any budiling where a small storage room leads into a monstrous cavern where the underground stream being used for a magic ritual runs between stone cliffs and pillars. The map is detailed with plenty of background items to initiate a fun and interesting session while non-descript in any specific titles or locations to allow for easy drop in into any game.

Summoning the River Spirit preview image.

The map aesthetic works great for games set in a fantasy world, high fantasy, grim dark, or other magical worlds.

The pack includes a single map with lit and unlit versions, as well as a version without the grid. All files are 210dpi. 

Included in download:

  • Underground Warehouse map with grid and without grid
  • Underground Warehouse map with and without lighting effects
  • Underground Warehouse tiled map for printing with and without grid
  • Underground Warehouse is a 15×25 inch map at 210dpi.

This product is priced at $1.00


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