Anti Ranger Class; The Critter

A Tabaxi wandering calmly within the nautiloid quickly transforms into a Mind Flayer and begins to float towards the elder brain tank. But behind him, the huge Mind Flayer is hiding a burning arrow in his hands. An Aasimar, tired of hiding now, spread his huge wings wide and greets the Devas descending towards him with palms to the skies. Halfling waits calmly in front of the roaring beast looking at his face. When the roar ends, he stretches his arms towards the beast. Its arms turn into turrets and it begins to rain magical bullets from the monster’s mouth. Whether in the ranks of good or evil, a Critter is always seen as an entity that tries to keep the mighty monsters alive within itself.

Deadly Monsters

Those mighty traits of monsters have always been a source of fear and admiration for civilizations. While even a tiny drop of their blood is enough to transform an ordinary person into a mighty sorcerer, pouring a glass of blood into the blood is enough to transform an ordinary person into a god. The Rangers thought they could get over these fears by hunting mighty beasts, but that was insufficient. Now we have a new way. Being one of these monsters and being able to hold this power in their own hands. At level 3 in this class, you start digging into the attributes of any species so that you can raise their natural abilities much higher. You can choose;

  • The Aberration Transmutation,
  • The Beast Transmutation,
  • The Celestial Transmutation,
  • The Construct Transmutation,
  • The Dragon Transmutation,
  • The Elemental Transmutation,
  • The Fey Transmutation,
  • The Fiend Transmutation,
  • The Giant Transmutation,
  • The Monstrosity Transmutation, and
  • The Undead Transmutation.
Independent Powers

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