Ravenloft: Invitation to the Council of Monsters

With anticipation for Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, enjoy this adventure that begins in Waterdeep and leads a winding path to Barovia. This 5th-edition mini-campaign has player options with a horror theme and takes 1st-level characters through an adventure so that they end at 3rd level.

This supplement contains the following:

  • A 30-page 1st-level Adventure
  • 2 new classes:
  • The Fractalist
  • The Unveiled (with 30+ New Spells)
  • Artificer, Trap Specialist
  • Barbarian, Path of the Bat Swarm
  • Bard, College of Tarokka
  • Cleric, Consecration Domain
  • Druid, Circle of Fog
  • Fighter, Executioner Archetype
  • Monk, Way of the Compass
  • Paladin, Oath of the Soulless
  • Ranger, Monster Minder Archetype
  • Rogue, Bodyguard Archetype
  • Sorcerer, Dark Powers Origin
  • Warlock, Coven Patron
  • Wizard, School of the Deep Wood
  • Blights
  • Dhampyres
  • Gargoyles
  • Phantoms
  • Skulks
  • Vistani
  • 13 new classes  sub-classes:
  • New Magic Items
  • New Player Races
  • 3 New Player Backgrounds
    • Fisher
    • Freedom Fighter
    • Minister of Social Charity
  • Character Supplements
  • New Monsters & NPCs
  • Player Handouts

This product is priced at $3.95


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