Save The Whiskey!

Great or small, all cities, towns, and villages have things to celebrate – and their own traditions of doing so. One tradition tends to be pretty common: a drink of something strong, and the merriment to follow! But what’s a village to do when their shipment of celebratory libations goes amiss? Can it even be called “merriment” without the proper social lubrication? What’s an all-too-sober village to do?

This adventure, designed for a group of player characters of levels 3-5 & optimized for a party of 4 characters with an average level of 4, explores these (and other) questions with a wilderness trek, some investigation, some combat, and either some delicate diplomacy, some clever thievery, or, if necessary, grim deeds. The plight of thirsty villagers is no laughing matter, after all. (Or is it?)


  • 1 adventure spanning about 4 hours of table-time
  • 1 original map, and links to full-sized versions, with and without grids and annotations
  • Narrative links to further adventures ranging as far afield as the Elemental Plane of Air

This product is priced at $2.00


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