The Way of the GUID

In a vast and decaying stellar empire, the monks of the Venerated Order of Cartographers ceaselessly travel the galaxy in their ancient quest to catalog every planet in the universe. A cold gas giant with floating cities ruled by a ruthless warlord. A tropical paradise with miraculous technologies overseen by a benevolent AI. A volcanic world in the midst of civil war over the planet’s ever-dwindling number of habitable outposts.

The Way of the GUID is a Science Fiction planet generator for tabletop role-playing games. Each planet is identified by a 32-digit hexadecimal GUID number which is also used as the random number generator to create that planet. With 32 different random elements and 15 options for each element, the number of possible combinations is in the billions.

The book includes a table of pre-generated GUIDs for you to use if you don’t want to generate your own.

Each planet has the following characteristics:

1. Planetary system type

2. World type

3. Temperature

4. Habitability profile

5. Geography

6. Population

7. Travel profile

8-12. A notable NPC with three characteristics

13-16. A notable place with three descriptors

17-20. A notable object with adventure potential.

21. Political profile

22. Economic profile

23. Technology level

24. Military presence

25. Political stability

26. Spaceport type

27. Religious profile

29. Political features

29. A random space encounter seed

30. A random passenger job

31. A random mercenary job

32. A random cargo job.

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