Amulet of the Salkti T&T solo

Sxelba! One of the most powerful, most dred of ancient demons, the name conjures nightmares even in the brave. Three centuries ago Sxelba annihilated the proud race of the Salkti people.  But before the last few perished, the Salkti created an amulet to banish Sxelba and his horde of foul worshpers. For centuries, the world had been free of this eveil demon – until now!

Sxelba, the destroyer of the Salkti, has returned from exile. Renewed devastation follows where he walks. THe only hope of the world lies in the recovery of the magic amulet, lost in the ruins of the great Salktian ruins to free the world from this hideous scourage!  You must regain the Amulet of the Salkti!

This 42 page solitaire adventure is suitable for play by any single character of any humanoid type with up to 33 add. Some magical knowledge is handy but not necessary. A Magic Matrix is included, as well as other charts and tables to keep this adventure fresh and interesting through many playings. Designed for used with the Tunnels & Trolls game system. You will need the T&T rules to play! This edition also incorporates corrections for all known errata. 

This product is priced at $3.95


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