The Corners of Creation: The Monastery of the Carmine Dragon

The world of Exalted is vast and ancient, a world of endless mystery and possibility. The Corners of Creation series describes strange and wonderous places, complete with write-ups for the characters who inhabit them, suggestions for using the setting in stories, and extra options for player characters.


The Monastery of the Carmine Dragon may look like a normal Immaculate Order monastery on the outside, but in truth it is home of a ruthless cabal of heretic sorcerers who practice an ancient blasphemy: murdering the Dragon-Blooded to steal the power within their Exalted blood!



  • A detailed setting rife with hidden horror.
  • Six sets of character traits, including a new variety of First Circle Demon.
  • A whole new type of antagonist: the Blood Thieves.
  • A new Sorcery Initiation: Blood Sorcery.
  • And more Story Seeds than you can shake a daiklave at.

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