30×20 Battlemap – Spelljammer Docks

Spelljammer Docks

Lights sparkle in the vast Ocean of Stars, falling away beneath the steel dock built into this moon. A blue planet orbits a short sail away, but it seems a distant place to the locals who live in ramshackle ghettos and pay a premium for water. 

Patches of rust coat the metal plating of this industrial sector, while deteriorating sections have been walled off and only lazily patched. 

Thin children dart in and out from amid the huts, while strange animals hiss and flee. The people here have wan faces, devoid of hope.

Adventure Seed

While resupplying from a sail across the Ocean of Stars, you are approached by a young woman wearing a sky-blue hooded robe. Noting that you are well armed and handle yourself like you know how to use such weapons, she proposes a VERY well paid job; assassination. 

She claims to come from a moon called Alina, though it was renamed to Hedonia after the Pirate King came to power. He killed many of the men, raising their children to be loyal to him and forcing the women to become Ladies of the Night. The moon is a popular vacation spot now, known for its eternal celebrations, loud music, and wide selection of cheap intoxicants. Few know the dark story behind it, or see the homeless children and starving addicts that are left in the wreckage of the constant parties. 

She escaped the takeover as a young girl, when her religious brothers and sisters fled with sacred artifacts to protect. But she vowed to herself all those years ago that if the time ever came, she would kill the Pirate King and free her mother, who was left behind. Now, almost a decade later, that day has come—only, her people cannot sacrifice the able bodies she needs to succeed, as their primary duty is protecting the artifacts. That’s why she needs you. 

The Pirate King rarely leaves his Chambers of Commerce, but a few days from now he will join a parade down to the docks, where he will then catch a starship to the planet below for negotiations. That, the young woman says, will be the perfect time to kill him.

He will be escorted to the docks with several bodyguards, wherein you will have approximately a minute to assassinate him before his vessel docks and he escapes. 

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