Gaia Awakening: The Section

In Gaia Awakening: The Section you assume the role of a Section Operative on the trail of the source of ritualistic murders. You will  require the Gaia Awakening Core Rulebook (CRB), two six-sided dice (2d6), along with a pen and paper or word-processing document, to play.

The story is set up with an Introduction, a handful of Location Details and a few pertinent Story Points. The rest is down to you, and your imagination. Use the entirety of the CRB and any Morningstar Expansions to assist you.

The Actions you take should depend on who and what you see, and how you wish to interact. Keep a record of your story and adapt it as per the results of each Action.

As you progress you will see that you are behaving as your own Storyteller, creating the interactive world in which you are playing.

Use the Character Creation section of the CRB (commencing at Page 76) to create your Character.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the  following few pages, you are ready to begin.


To most Magic-Users, Universal energy exists to enhance humanity in some way. For those who seek to exploit Magic for their own ends this is not always the case. Though a certain amount of energy must be expended in selfish or nihilistic ways in order that balance may be maintained, this is usually done to further the cause of the superficial or greedy. This also feeds into humanity’s need to acquire and admire, and is ultimately harmless in real terms. Where Magic is used to cause harm, the Legacy consider it their personal responsibility to root out and eliminate this threat. The risk of Gaia’s connection to Magic being severed again is unthinkable to Magic-Users – even those who do not directly support the Legacy.

The Legacy work alongside non-Magic authorities to pursue high-risk cases where the misuse of Magical Abilities is suspected. The Section are a Department within the Legacy specifically dedicated to this task. Whilst it recognised that most Magic-Users have access to very few Abilities within only one Aspect, it is not considered an imbalance to dedicate oneself to the pursuit and perfection of many Abilities. It is always the intent behind such pursuits which is analysed by the Section before they agree to take on a case.

When a series of ritualistic murders occur at Magical hot-spots around the world, new blood is called upon to join the Section and trace the origin of this suspected imbalance. The Legacy are keen to keep this one under wraps and out of reach of it’s longer standing Operatives. This is due to the fact that the murders echo the Ritual of Reidr Westergaard, the documentation of which has been secured within the Legacy’s vaults.

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