The New Recruits – Orpheus Ready-Made Characters

The New Recruits presents six ready-made characters for you to use in your Orpheus game. These are perfect for a group looking to save time and prep for a one-shot game, or to use as the basis of an ongoing chronicle.
The Storyteller may even choose to use the characters presented herein as NPCs. They could be an allied crucible working alongside the characters in your chronicle, a group of friendly rivals from the office down the hall, or direct enemies who seek to undermine your player’s characters. Use the characters herein for whatever best suits your chronicle’s needs.

The New Recruits contains:
•    Six ready-made characters that can be used in your Orpheus chronicle
•    Three alternate presentations of each character, including Medium and High variant Roles from Orpheus, and a Wraith 20th Anniversary Edition compatible variant for each ready-made character.
•    Condensed rules for the Flesh-Flux and Familiar horrors, allowing the character with those Horrors to be used with only the Orpheus core book
•    Seventeen Stains presented for use with Orpheus or Wraith 20th Anniversary Edition
•    Interactive copies of all the included Ready-Made Charactrers, including Shadow sheets as appropriate, courtesy Chris “MrGone” Leland.


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