Blackstone Highway

Welcome to the plains and the dirt. To storms of melancholy and winter winds that ignore flesh and dig straight for bone. To the workers and their late night shifts. To the sweat. To trying to escape. To a place where no one feels at home. To the mining towns left to decay. Maybe you’re just passing through, or looking for a place to settle down. Either way, you’ve found yourself on the Blackstone Highway.

Blackstone Highway is a weird-midwestern road trip. It’s a point crawl adventure meant to be ran with any osr or dnd-adjacent system (and is statted for such). It’s a mix of modern aesthetics, sci-fi, and the weird fantasy genre. It’s a 110 page, hyperlinked pdf, so you can click around without needing to scroll too much. Even the map is hyperlinked, so just click on a node and you’ll be taken to its appropriate page.

It’s also available in print at or by selecting the physical edition down below. It’s softcover, full color, and you’ll have to use your fingers to flip the pages (sadly). 

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