Crosstown Couriers (Fantasy Grounds)

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  • Includes LoS definitions for Fantasy Grounds Unity!

With the dreaded felicity triskelion in hand, the party is faced with the most important choice of their lives. The consequences of their actions will be felt across Ravnica.

Crosstown Couriers is part six of the Secrets of the Triskelion campaign for use with Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica and is set in various locations in the Tenth District.

While Crosstown Couriers is designed for a party of three to five characters of 6th or 7th Level, the Dungeon Master can easily scale the adventure by adding or subtracting enemies or altering the hit points and damage output of the listed antagonists.

Crosstown Couriers includes:

  • The next phase, including a possible ending for the Secrets of the Triskelion campaign
  • Three playable courses of action, based on the information learned in Trostani Discordant


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