Dark Ritual in the House on the Hill


Dark Ritual in the House on the Hill is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure, designed for Tier One (levels 1-4) play. It is an event-driven scenario based around a job the characters can refuse. Or be entirely complicit in. Or try to sabotage from the inside.

It is written for four to eight 1st level characters, but can be run for any group of characters between 1st and 4th level without any adjustment.

It features:

  • An uncharacteristically polite ogre butler.
  • A machine for infusing demonic energy into living beings.
  • A chance to unleash a monstrous fiendish spider in a rich person’s house.
  • …and an innocent-seeming con artist ready to catch everyone off guard.


Dark Ritual in the House on the Hill presents one large dynamic scenario, built around a very challenging final encounter. It has been developed specifically for:

  •  A large group (6 to 8) of new players. The adventure contains a mix of combat, exploration, role-playing and puzzles, and builds up to a thrilling climax not everyone is likely to survive.
  •  An average size group (3-5) of experienced players. As written, exploration, roleplaying and strategizing are all heavily rewarded. A thinking person’s adventure, players will need all their wits about them to engineer a good outcome.

It presents 2 to 4 hours of gameplay and can be run as a one-shot or as the perfect side trek in a longer campaign.

Set in the run-down manor of the eccentric Baron Lutwig, this adventure is setting neutral and can be adapted to fit into any campaign world. A campaign set in the dark world of Ravenloft (such as Curse of Strahd) makes for a particularly good fit.

A myriad of different possibilities exist on how players may act or react to the events in this adventure. Each playthrough is likely to be unique, and the adventure is written to be able to guide the DM through all of them.

Included in it are:

  • Detailed NPCs, their motivations, and likely responses to any event
  • Contingency plans for all sorts of player-driven possibilities
  • Notes on 12 possible endings, although many more exist!

Along with:

  • Hand crafted maps
  • All new magic items
  • Over 10 pieces of original art
  • An ogre your players will grow to love (possibly, assuming they don’t kill him.)

What will you and your players do when the Dark Ritual begins?


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