Candlekeep Confidential

The Library of Candlekeep holds countless arrays of books and limitless amounts of knowledge. Within those rows of books and scrolls exist a multitude of mysteries and discoveries for those who look deep enough and turn the right pages. Whether it be encrypted messages, obscure maps, details of lost civilizations, or the retelling of an unsolved mystery, there are discoveries to be made and treasures to be found. For adventurers with a thirst for knowledge, Candlekeep is a destination they dream of visiting one day.

Candlekeep Confidential provides a collection of character backgrounds, modular encounters, creatures and NPCs, magical items, and maps for your intrigue based or library focused campaign. The features included work nicely with the Candlekeep Mysteries official D&D product or with any adventure in your own game world. This product includes:

  • Four original mysterious character backgrounds:

    • Lurker

    • Investigator

    • Philosopher

    • Master of Whispers

  • Four original scalable modular encounters:

    • Whodunnit? – When a crime is committed, a lineup of suspects is examined to find the culprit.

    • Bookerton’s Library – Strange and nefarious forces have infiltrated the library, causing the books within to behave in remarkable ways.

    • Dead Drop – The party must discreetly acquire and deliver a stolen book while avoiding unwanted attention. 

    • Birthday Murder Day – A birthday party ends with the guest of honor dead, and the party must use clues to identify the murderer.

  • Six original NPCs and creatures.

  • Ten original magic items.

  • Three original encounter / battle maps

    • The tables, desks, and rows between book shelves of a fancy library.

    • A grisly murder scene at a private gathering.

    • A scenic and serene park surrounded by shops.

Master of Whispers  Modular Encounters  Library Map  Back Cover

This product is priced at $4.95


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