Mastering Riddles, Puzzles, and Mazes

Riddles, puzzles, and mazes have been a part of fantasy stories from Rumpleskilskin to The Hobbit to Relics & Rarities, but how to use them to best effect in RPGs is a topic absent from or briefly handled in most guides and grimoires.

This pdf is 50+ pages that teaches you how to create and best implement your own brainteasers to your adventures. There are lots of plug and play examples to demonstrate how mindbenders work in a variety of scenarios, from encounters with wily goblins to mad mages. These puzzles and riddles are all brand new, created using the method taught in the book.

If you’re looking to add a new pillar of play to your game, this is the supplement for you.

Riddles Puzzles and Mazes

These brainteaser creation instructions and theory can be applied to any genre. Even though all the plug and play contents are aimed at a fantasy setting, you’ll still find plenty to bolster your Riddler-esque super villains or plot an alien hive mazes.

This pdf contains:

  • 75+ new riddles, and a hint to give players for each one
  • 8 printable brainteasing puzzles
  • 5 ways to make mazes exciting
  • 3 sample helpers that can aid your PCs on their mental quests without hogging the spotlight
  • 36 pieces of original art
  • Plus, how to run a roast battle!

Author/artist Brian McLachlan has been published by Dragon Magazine, The New Yorker, Vice, Nickelodeon and more. His latest is the RPG/graphic novel hybrid Complete the Quest: The Poisonous Library.

Learn the secrets to making riddles, puzzles, & mazes an enteraining part of your game!

Review from designer and DM Phil McClorey: “Brian’s book, Mastering Riddles, Puzzles, & Mazes, has been super helpful in growing an area of my GMing style that hasn’t been a strength in the past.  It’s something my kids are pushing me to expand on and incorporate more of in our D&D campaign. His thought process describing how to use puzzles and riddles is thoughtful and easy to understand. 

A strength of the book is how Brian provides loads of concrete examples you can us in your own campaigns.  I find that kind of in game learning to be really helpful, and should help me grow more confident developing and using my own puzzles in the future. 

I can’t recommend this book enough if you want to learn how to include more puzzles in your games!”

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