Murder at Chuil’s Mansion

Murder at Chuil’s Mansion is an adventure designed as an introduction to D&D 5e for two players new to
ttRPGs who might be interested in a tropical central American-esque setting, and can easily be adapted
to fit more players. It features a classic closed-room (island) murder-mystery with lots of logic puzzles in a
Da Vinci Code / escape-room style to figure out the plot and how it is all connected to the murder.
Depending on what they discover, the adventure forshadows several storylines in Tomb of Annihilation and
ties seamlessly into its beginning. It features a unique magic item that could start an additional side-quest
in future ToA sessions.


  • Logic puzzles that make your players feel smart!
  • 7 fully fleshed out NPCs
  • An intricate conspiracy murder-plot following the three-clue rule.
  • Several unique items
  • 33 points of intrest to explore
  • Cute encounters with tropical fauna
  • 7 printable handouts
  • 3 beautiful unique maps.
  • Well organized overview of all clues and related implications
  • Beautifully typeset LaTeX pdf with functional internal links.

This product is priced at $1.95


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