Official Handbook of the Amazing Universe: Mangod (Super-Powered by M&M)

Several years ago, the veteran war correspondent, Samuel Chester, investigated and explored the lives of several individuals possessing special powers and abilities. He and his wife, photographer Tasia Murphy, sought to understand what life might be like for those with powers and how those powers affected the people around them. Chester and Murphy also wanted to help their audiences connect with powered individuals and see them as human beings rather than in stark, binary terms such as hero or villain. Thanks to a combination of determination, grit, and charisma (not to mention guts), the journalistic duo interviewed over thirty subjects, including several super-powered criminals and even some fugitives. The project resulted in a series of eye-opening, emotional, and sometimes terrifying stories. It also introduced the world to Mangod.

Quinn Peck, the man who later proclaimed himself Mangod, agreed to a series of interviews with Chester and Murphy. These startling discussions with a world-renowned criminal provided a snapshot, both literally and figuratively, into Mangod’s life at three distinct periods in his life. Audiences gained the opportunity to learn about a man gifted with powerful telekinetic and telepathic powers. While these interviews humanized their subject, they also served as theater. They gave Mangod an outlet in which he demonstrated his captivating personality and charm. He also used the interviews to reveal his darker traits, not the least of which was a god complex. Altogether, people felt both fascinated by and afraid of Mangod. Almost everyone meeting Quinn Peck experiences similar conflicting emotions—fascination and fear, love and hate.


This PDF contains everything you need to know about Mangod in the Amazing Universe Campaign or any other superhero campaign.


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