Unearthed Tips and Tricks Monthly: Issue 5 February 2021

Unearthed Tips and Tricks: Monthly is a magazine containing a collection of ideas and concepts from the Crit Academy podcast. A D&D discussion podcast designed to provide guidance and inspiration to both players and DMs. With the exception of the monsters, many of the ideas and concepts are system agnostic and can benefit players and DMs in many other systems and settings.

What you get:

Character Concept: We offer character ideas that can help bring your character to life. Whether you need a full character idea or use them as inspiration to enhance your already great character.

Monsters: We can often find that some of our favorite monsters get a little predictable, or we want a little more variation in our selection. We provide new monsters that can keep your characters on their toes, as well as load them up with flavor and lore to be discovered by the loremaster in your group. 

Encounters: Here we offer a collection of short scenarios that can be used as a jumping-off point for a full adventure, a one-shot, or dropped into an existing campaign. It’s chock-full of unique ideas and scenarios that we hope will spark your creative side, ensuring your players have an experience they will never forget.

Magic Items: Here we share custom magical items that you can drop into your game. Drop them into a chest, or have an enemy wield them against your characters.

Game Master Tips: Being a GM is tough work. Sometimes we could use a little bit of help. Much like a bag of holding, this section is packed to the brim with tips we’ve learned over the years to help you deliver the best gaming experience possible.

Player Tip: Oftentimes, we as players can take for granted the massive amount of work that the GM puts into the game. In the end, we don’t spend much time thinking about what we can bring to the table. The golden rule every player knows is “Don’t be a D*ck!” In this section, we give you tips on how you can avoid doing just that, as well as tips on leveling up your gameplay. Both roleplay, and mechanical.

Two One-Page Adventures: I’m a huge fan of short and sweet. Each issue contains two one-page adventures written by best-selling adventure writers. This ensures you get fun, unique, and engaging adventures to last you through the night.

Adventure Map: Inside you will find a custom map, rich with setting descriptions to spark your imagination. Each copy comes with a link for the digital high-quality map for your hands, or Virtual Table Top experience.

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