Upcoming Projects Slate (March 16th, 2021)

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Happy middle-of-March! In recent weeks, we’ve been pivoting more towards highly-polished, tight releases. So more quality less quantity, as it were. Anyways, this is everything that’s currently in the works from us along with the current status on each. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include other content that we might slip in as a surprise.  This is stuff that is 99.9% for sure coming. 

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Vault of Terror


Release Date: March 25, 2021

Level: 13th-Level

Style: Tournament Module for GaryCon XIII

Some say the ghost of a dead archmage created it. Others muse that it is home to a humanoid conqueror who uses it for entertainment. There are those who theorize that a vampire, lich, or vile wraith is at its center. No matter who or what inhabits The Vault of Terror, it has long called to those who crave adventure and treasure.

Queen of the Shadows

In Production

Release Date: April 2nd, 2021

Level: 6th-Level

Style: Adventure for evil characters (think Suicide Squad)

First, she killed the people of her village. Then, she killed every living creature in the city of Medrok. Now, she’s got her sights on the rest of the nation. Only a band of thieves and murderers can stop her—but will they?



Release Date: April 16th, 2021

Level: 13th-Level

Style: Island mystery/intrigue

Three factions vie for control over an important natural resource in the middle of an escapable island. The characters must decide which of these factions they side with—even if it may cost them their chance to return home.


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