The Adventure Cycle

Take your character off on awesome fantasy adventures whenever you feel like a quick session. Build your character’s reputation, wealth and social rank as you join others to complete adventures for treasure, and quests for reputation.

As a game master you run a village, its many local characters, the surrounding part of the world and the tribes and factions to be found there. Build a pool of any number of casual players, with up to six taking part in any particular session.

The Adventure Cycle gives players and game masters alike the tools for running a set of open table games, where players casually join a game master’s table with existing characters or new ones, and leap right into play with whoever is handy. No one is committed to always being there, not even the GM, as there can be multiple GM’s each with their own home village to run. Players can even switch roles from time to time, running a character in one session and being a GM in another.

This system is built on top of the All Us Gamers rule sets that give you the mechanics for character action and development:
Inner Core Rules
On Aptitude
The Book of Struggles
Combat Toolkit

This product is priced at $2.50


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