Exploring the Draconid’s Lair!

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The adventure leads the PCs to a strange temple-like structure in a volcano. Lava flows through the ancient underground complex. It was dedicated to a strange bygone entity and a draconic creature that lives to these days. The place is a prison of sorts for the poor rockfolk that have been affected by the magical artifact in the dungeon. Unfortunately for them, they are here only to be eaten by the lava draconid.

This is a LARGE dungeon, spread out in two illustrations, this is the first one of those. The second one is coming a day or two. This is a 30×30 squares Roll20-optimized dungeon map!

This is going to be featured in our upcoming adventure Rain of fire! Here’s the cover for this adventure, to be released on March 21th.

Here are two close shots of the first dungeon level:

In this other section, there are liquid lava canals!

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