Instant Location 1 – The Spotted Griffin

The Spotted Griffin – A run-down tavern may be just somewhere to stay the night or perhaps the place to discover new adventures

Part of our Instant Location series, each of these booklets contains everything you, as the GM, need to drop this location into your game. Filled with descriptions of the place and people as well as detailed maps, these locations can act as a break from the action in your ongoing campaign or an opportunity to introduce important parts of your plot. Each of the NPCs has their own story and potential plot hooks that you could develop into side quests, and if the players stick around for a while, there are even event ideas to create some action.

Made with 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons in mind, but easy to use with other systems, we suggest the most likely skill checks and contests you’ll need to resolve potential issues. However, you won’t find DCs or pages of stat blocks as we believe that you know best what’s needed for your table. We’ve left it to you to decide if the NPC we’ve described as a member of a street gang has the stats of a commoner, a bandit captain, or an assassin; or if they’ll need stats at all.

You can utilise the whole location as described, pluck out a few of the characters, use the name of a shop or just the temple floor plan. Our Instant Locations are designed to support you in running your game, so feel free to use as much or as little as you like.

Onward to adventure!

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