Wererat of Mask- Developable Character Option


They take you down into their dark and moist hideout. It has been the first job you did for the Thieves’ Guild and they promised you a special reward. The curved walking leader with huge front teeth approaches you as out of nowhere two other thieves twist your arms and hold you. The leader uses their huge front teeth to bite you….

Ei Gude!

Yet another developable character option, this time for a Wererat! Slightly less OP, but as aforementioned: developable! 

It is often rumored that some thieves’ guilds associate with wererats, but some stand under the watchful and amuseable eye of Mask, the god of thievery! To entertain the god will help the individual wererats to compensate the disadvantages of the lycantrophy curse, maybe leading to mastering it altogether!

Compared to the other werecreatures (Werewolf of Selûne, Werebear of Mielikki, Wereboar of Gruumsh) this character option is a bit different: Instead of strength and armor class, dexterity and intelligence get inhanced, symbolizing the tricky and clever nature of a wererat, which is more of a skillful thief than a great warrior. Darkvision in hybrid/rat form + the tiny size of the rat form can make a character into a great infiltrator or assassin!

You don’t have to worship Mask for this character option to work, it is perfectly possible to exchange them for any other chaotic god / goddess of thievery, trickery and the such.