Weretiger of Silvanus- Developable Character Option

Sitting by the campfire you listen to the tales of the weird traveler. They describe how they’ve wandered through every desert, climbed every mountain and hunted in every jungle and forest. Through significant detail and a nature that just screams honesty you begin to believe the stranger all of their fantastic tales. As the night becomes morning and more light falls upon the stranger you can’t help but notice the strong whiskers in the face of the stranger, giving them a comically, yet spiritual look…

Ei Gude!

The last werecreature in my series, the Weretiger represents a far traveler, fascinated by wild nature and its wonders. Estranged from any worldly matters like laws /rules and value of property/ownership the weretiger is truly neutral in its alginment and only takes sides in order to preserve nature or prevent it from harm. 

This character option aims to make the weretiger a tad less OP, although it is still pretty overpowerd. It has its downsides, which may get compensated for through the inner connection to the god of wild nature! This option also aims to give the weretiger as an option a bit more depth, through making it developable. In this way, this string of licanthropy does not get redundant. 

Oh and by the way, you don’t have to worhsip Silvanus for this character option to work; any neutral nature might suffice. Or you change the here described characteristics after your liking!

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