Meanders All-Purpose Map Pack – FANTASY CITY EXPANSION II

Transform your city and tell new stories with a dedicated range of 30 new variants for it including Overgrown Ruins, Blazing Inferno and Smoking Ruins, Serial Killer, Magic out of Control, and Cobwebbed Abandoned Ruin versions of city maps. Show your city in a previous time or long after it has been abandoned, burn it to the ground while you’re adventurers are in it – or have them arrive to witness the aftermath. Have them deal with enchanted flying books and wayward voids and wards or track down a grisly killer who is leaving a trail of clues across the cityscape.

This All-Purpose Map Set features 30 JPEG Maps sized for Printing and VTT (Virtual Table Top) online or offline play.

  • For Printing it includes two 8100 x 5400 (27×18″) 300dpi Jpg – With a 1″ grid AND No grid.*

  • For VTT it includes 3780 x 2520 (140px) 72dpi Jpg (No Grid) for VTT’s with lots of memory.

  • Also for VTT, 1350 x 900 (50px) 72dpi Jpg (No Grid) for memory-hungry VTT’s.


  • Overgrown
  • Ashen City
  • Burning Inferno
  • Murder Scene
  • Magical
  • Ruined

* Printing Note: This product does not include PDF’s owing to the requirement for breaking a single map into 20 individual PDF’s – where an attempt to do so would result in 1140 individual files to download. It is recommended using a free program like PosteRazor to break the larger size maps into the optimal number of sheets for printing.

This product is priced at $18.99


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