100 Encounters for a Fantasy Desert (Lore 100)

Deserts are mysterious and sometimes deadly places to traverse, with heat and lack of water combining to kill the unwary. This supplement has 100 different encounters that a GameMaster can use to liven up a desert journey, or perhaps make it even more dangerous. Some are interesting, some may lead to new places and some will be harmful to the unwary. The different encounters have been strongly influenced by Ancient Egypt, with lost pharaohs and hidden tombs, with an element of Arabia, but are suitable more most fantasy desert.

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Here are some sample results:

  • A pyramid of white marble rests on the sand, measuring 5′ square and high. It appears to be a pyramidion, the capstone for a pyramid, and is covered in ancient inscriptions.
  • A quiet rustling sound can be heard. If the sound is traced back to its origin, grains of sand can be seen climbing up the surfaces of the dunes. All the sand appears to be moving in the same direction.
  • A rectangular stone obelisk with a pyramidal top leans at an angle out of the sand. The obelisk is 5′ square and around 30′ of it protrudes from the sand, with another 40′ hidden below the surface. The surface of the obelisk has been extensively carved in hieroglyphs. Fifty feet from the obelisk, the shattered stump of a similar obelisk sticks a few feet out of the sand.
  • A rocky outcropping provides some shade in the desert, and a sand viper is taking advantage of this. The snake is a nocturnal creature and is currently asleep. It is also venomous and will attack if surprised awake, perhaps by being trodden on (make an Average Athletics roll to avoid being bitten by the snake and a Hard Endurance roll to avoid being affected by the poison if that is failed; failure of both results in gaining the Poisoned, PHQ condition).
  • As a dune is descended, the sand starts to suddenly shift underfoot. The entire side of the dune starts to collapse, and any creature on it risks being sent to the bottom and buried under tonnes of sand (make an Average Athletics roll to avoid being buried).

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The supplement is also available in the following versions: System neutral and Pathfinder. You do not need all versions.

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