BinderMisc – Flumph Ancestry – Flumph Fall!

“Flumph Fall!” is the the third supplement specifically developed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game’s Second edition. Do you want to get into the mind of an intergalactic jellyfish with an enormous hero complex and questionable boundries? BinderStuff has got you covered!

This BinderMISC includes:

  • An overview of the Flumph Ancestry.
  • Two Flumph heritage statistics and traits

  • 14 Flumph Ancestry Feats ranging from levels 1-13

  • Some drawings depicting serious Flumph business going down.


Binder Misc are not MapsPlots, or Tables, (though will sometimes include all three)
The Binder Misc line is a place for me to include all the other little bits of RPG ephemera that I feel can be fun or useful, but don’t necessarily fit into one of the larger tabs in a Gamemaster’s three-ring binder.

This product is priced at $2.50


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