Cities of Sundara: Moüd (5E)

Rising from the midst of the Trackless Quarter, Moüd looks like a mirage at first. A bustling city surrounded by empty wastes of dry dust seems like a fairy tale, but Moüd is very real. The ancient structure, lost for nearly a thousand years, has been reclaimed thanks to the tireless efforts of the Silver Wraiths. The city is the headquarters of this guild of gray-clad necromancers, and for nearly a century now it has grown and prospered under their stewardship… and with the labor of their undead servants to tend to the city’s needs.

Moüd is a place of contradiction. It is civilization in the midst of a desert of empty, dead land. It is a place of life, but it lives cheek-by-jowl with death. It is filled with ancient history, but also brims with everything the modern-day has to offer. And amidst the buzzing markets and clattering bones there is still adventure to be had. For though the City of Bones may appear tame, there is more going on just beneath the surface.

“Moüd: The City of Bones” is the second installment in the Sundara: Dawn of a New Age setting. However, the city can be easily adapted for use in existing campaigns and settings as well!

This supplement includes:

  • City map and history of Moüd
  • District-by-district breakdown including unique locations, notable NPCs, and rumors
  • The alternative system for “necromantic taint” and its effects on long-term exposure
  • Rules for playing the Half-Dead, a new PC species spawned by the powers of death
  • An archetype for the Deathstalker, the elite martial arm of the Silver Wraiths guild

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One page is the front cover, one the front matter, one the Table of Contents, one is ads and one the Open Game License.

This supplement is also available in a version for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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