Enchantment Chess

In this chess variant, Giants occupy two squares, while Dragons reside in three or four. Capture both of your opponent’s Mages to win the game, while protecting your own Mages from capture.

Unicorns, Centaurs, Griffins, Proteans, Pythons, and Pegasi have moves similar to standard pieces in chess and checkers, but differ in subtle ways to create a vast field of new strategies for game play. Advanced rules employing index cards evoke a taste of role playing with Mages performing magic to modify the basic game.

Invented by two cousins in their late teens, Enchantment Chess is suitable for chess players of any age and has been thoroughly play tested. At over 60 pages in length, this rules booklet offers several examples of game play, accompanied with over 60 diagrams of positions and moves.

Are you ready for a magical time?

Enchantment Chess game board with initial setup of pieces

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