Plot Thickeners—Crude & Distorted

Adventure hooks are a dime a dozen and, if you get down to it, unnecessary. The fact that a dungeon teeming with monsters and treasures even exists may be a compelling enough reason to risk life and limb exploring it for most characters. The adventures of yesteryear often hardly cared why the PCs would venture into a dungeon or the ruins of a castle. Exploration was reason enough. But most of the characters of today prefer more from their adventures and the players behind those characters often seek more meaning in their temptations. This accessory seeks to do for hooks what hooks do for PCs: give the hooks more meaning and significance.

March, as many already know, is named for the Roman god of war, Mars. War is a broad topic to cover for a publication as brief as this one. Additionally, war is tricky to roleplay when players control individual characters. Sure, you may command a squad of hirelings, and mechanics for determining the results for large-scale battles aren’t unheard of. However, my experience is that the focus is usually on small unit tactics at most and primarily the sum of the decisions of a session’s characters, villains, and monsters. As such, this issue will narrow the focus to a much smaller scale. The one theme that war is easily distilled down to is violence. Therefore, this issue of Plot Thickeners reminds us that violence is crude and distorted. Violence destroys. Sometimes it protects. But it never creates.

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